About Jarocin

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Jarocin municipality is located in the central Wielkopolska, which brings with it many benefits. First of all historical conditions made ​​the region is well developed economically. There also lacks high-end technical infrastructure, which results in facilitated communication between large urban centers, even situated at opposite ends of the province.

             Jarocin, due to its location in the heart of the region, is located in a very favorable distance to all the key metropolis of Wielkopolska. Route to the majority does not exceed 100 km:

Poznań - 71 km,
Kalisz - 52 km,
Ostrow Wielkopolski - 53 km,
Konin - 73 km,
Leszno - 73 km.
`Other, important for local entrepreneurs cities are Wroclaw and Lodz away respectively 110 km and 160 km.

                 Location in the west of the country creates an additional opportunity to maintain contacts with foreign partners. From the border with Germany is divided Jarocin little over 200 km, and the road to Berlin is just 100 km more.